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We’re Starting A Magazine! Announcing AQ-47 & Call for Artwork Submissions


AQ-47 LogoYou may have noticed new voices on our blog roster, from our coverage of Arundhati Roy’s discussion of the Naxalites to our new convo series on the daily grind of being Asian + female. Stretching to that other Coast with correspondences from the Windy City, FLA is proud to announce our exciting new project called AQ-47, a consciousness-raising publication comprised of somber editorials, nonfiction prose, community voices, praxis, and poetics that foregrounds stories of political struggle in Asian communities. (See our mission statement after the jump.)

To reach out to like-minded Asian youth organizers and cultural workers in NYC, FLA launched a summer film series titled FLA! Film Club (think reading group + film class) to intentionally create a physical and social gathering space for politicking. AQ-47 developed out of the series at summer’s end and ache for reified talk. In these last couple of months, we’ve been busy collaborating and planning new content for FLA in conjunction with the new quarterly magazine. Anticipate more to come. But in the meantime, spread the word and contribute to this exciting FLA adventure and SUBMIT to AQ-47! (For more info, feel free to drop a line in the comments.)

Call for artwork. AQ-47, a volunteer-run consciousness-raising quarterly magazine based in NYC, seeks original artwork for inaugural issue on the state of Asian America. High resolution digital images, electronic submissions with subject line “Artwork inaugural submission” to aq47.magazine[at] Please include artist statement of no more than 500 words. Deadline December 23, 2011. Mediums can include, but not limited to: photography, watercolors, illustration, graphic art, infographics, etc. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.


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Like Ke$ha, the massively popular and surprisingly (not to me!) influential white rapper who’s at least as relevant to discussions of Kreayshawn as, say, Vanilla Ice, this young woman is going for laughs much of the time. She’s working the extremely long-proven trick of using comedy as a means of claiming power as a marginalized person (young, female, “ghetto girl” or “trailer trash”), as well as a way of appropriating the juice of others even more marginalized than yourself (African-Americans, almost always.)

Kreayshawn Breaks In, But Whose Party Is She Crashing?

Chronicles of Subversion: The Queer API History You Didn’t Learn in School

Bringing the past to the present: Eveline Chao on Chinese gay slang at 2:34 (Niubi! The Real Chinese You Were Never Taught in School)— breaking down contemporary Chinese lesbian subculture beyond butch and femme.

The Long Island women's real killer

"Today, women, men and transgender people who are targeted in anti-prostitution street sweeps and internet stings may be charged with breaking laws against solicitation, but not all sex workers face the consequences of the law equally. Those who can afford to find clients away from the street, who have a mobile phone or computer access, are less likely to interact with the police. For those who are arrested, if they are in possession of condoms, these may be confiscated and used to build a case for prostitution against them."

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